Poems for Healing

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Wendell Barry’s words leave me speechless and grateful for the reminder of aliveness in this “the only moment” of our lives.


Sabbaths VI

(for Jonathan Williams)

The yellow-throated, the highest remotest voice

of this place, sings in the tops of the tallest sycamores,

but one day he came twice to the railing of my porch

where I sat at work above the river. He was too close

to see with binoculars. Only the naked eye could take him in,

a bird more beautiful than every picture of himself,

more beautiful than himself killed and preserved

by the most skilled taxidermist, more beautiful

than any human mind, so small and inexact

could hope to remember. My mind became

beautiful by the sight of him. He had the beauty only

of himself alive in the only moment of his life.

He had upon him like a light the whole

beauty of the living world that never dies.

– Wendell Berry

Thank you for this today, Larry Robinson!


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